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Latest News ! ~ We are your OPI Essie China Glaze nail polish Singapore and GEL Soak off Gelish and Artistic Singapore online wholesale distributor in Singapore NOW. Great Discounts, Great Savings.

About OPI Nail Polish

OPI is a company based in California that started in 1981. OPI has many nail products available from OPI nail polish,OPI manicure and OPI pedicure products.

OPI Nail Polish is a professional quality nail polish and is very strong and durable. OPI Nail Polish works wonders on either natural fingernails or acrylic nails. OPI nail polish is the best because of its consistency and smooth application. Also, it does not dry up so easily, so you can use most of the contents of the bottle. The color is also very rich, so usually, you get a very uniform look after application.

OPI nail polishes are widely renowned for being long-wearing, easy to apply, chip-resistant, non-streaky, and fast drying. Available in a stunning spectrum of fashion-inspired shades. OPI Nail Polish color will leave you in a rainbow of bliss, every season a new line of Nail Polish are introduced and OPI Nail Polish are always there to keep you in the right mood. OPI Nail Polish is the nail polish of choice for woman seeking a long-lasting, high-shine manicure.

Sick of your nail polish chipping and not lasting very long? Make the switch to OPI and you will have that beautiful OPI manicure that last much longer.

Where to buy OPI nail polish in Singapore? 

There are 3 ways to get your hand to your OPI nail polish in Singapore.

1)      Firstly, from a store like Robinson which retails with GST at SGD$23.35 or beauty and OPI nail polish salons that retails OPI. An average price of OPI nail polish from salons is about $18-$20 per bottle. The cheapest OPI found is SGD$15-$18 of low variety to choose. 

2)      The second way is to buy OPI on online stores which is definitely cheaper than buying from retail/ salo,n due to lower cost of operation so the savings of OPI nail polish was passed on to consumers too. We, nails online in Singapore retails wide range of OPI and limited edition OPI polishes upon launch of per OPI nail polish collection. We have got the OPI price lowered to SGD$12 after we starting selling in online. We provide a selling price and low postage charges according to Singpost weight related rates. We are the 1st Singapore online OPI nail polish retailer with an actual shopping cart for your easy and fast OPI nail polish purchase 24/7 whole year round. We host your purchase history for your future reference as well as freebies with purchase. Promo news will be on our facebook fans page. 

3)      The last will be to Spree OPI Nail Polish through Singapore BlogShop spree. Blogshop collect orders before buying in the other sellers and getting a cut as handling fee from the margin of buying in bulk for the people who spree with them. Consumers whom bought OPI nail polish from blog spree need to wait a period of time of about 2 weeks to a month for the blogshop spree to close. Thereafter, the spree blogger will send in consolidated bulk orders to a US or local SG supplier. Consumers who join the OPI spree from these blogs shall then wait for update of their OPI nail polish orders submitted via the blog sellers and check to follow up on shipping details to be furnished and whether they can get the colours that they wish to buy. 

It usually takes about 1 month before the OPI nail polish could be received. Final price of your OPI nail polish order could be unknown and you may need to top up due to freight charges average cost. If response of spree does not match the required quantity, the final total price of your per OPI nail polishes could increase due to lesser quantity in that spree orders. Lastly, spree may be cancelled due to poor response to OPI nail polish request during spree period.

Some blogshop carries OPI nail polish in stock, shipping takes 1 week if available. The postage rates for blogshop is usually above Singpost rates which means a cut was taken from postage. Some even include handling charges into OPI nail polish price. 

Note to OPI Nail Polish Lovers

ThatBeautyShop loves nail products and is passionate about OPI nail polish! We all love OPI nail polishes. Our experience is related to yours that OPI nail polish is one of the most durable and long lasting nail polishes available. In our experience, OPI nail polish stays on our nails for at least 2 weeks and more for OPI nail polishes on your toe nails! OPI Nail Polish is known to be very expensive from the professional beauty supply stores or nail salons. You get mega savings by buying from ThatBeautyShop your desired shade of OPI nail polish colors. An average savings of SGD$5 per color will save you $50 for 10 OPI nail polishes easily. We replenish our OPI nail polishes regularly to keep stock “fresh” and lower waiting time. Easy shopping, low postage (we do not take a cut as all products is set to delivery provider rates, so the more you buy the cheaper the savings) and a wider, variety of OPI colors collection and other OPI Manicure & Pedicure/ body product line compare to blogshop spree. 

OPI lover in Singapore who are dying to their hands on NEW OPI nail polish but holding back due to the price which frustrated us! We are all entitled to cheaper OPI nail polish and save on the retailers operating and overhead cost. Our source for OPI nail polish suppliers varied. 

Our beauty mission is to provide no rental cost beauty products to our OPI nail polish and other quality nail products as well as a better shopping experience along our journey with you.

ThatBeautyShop OPI Spree 

We acknowledge the fact that many ladies like to buy OPI, China Glaze, Color Club and Essie Nail polish with shared bulk purchase online from overseas OPI nail polish websites through sharing buy-in price in bulk. So now, even if you buy OPI nail polish in Singapore SG online website - ThatBeautyShop, we offer self conducted bulk / wholesale / spree, from only a start of minimum 21 OPI nail polish low quantity, which means you spend lesser time waiting, liaising, coordinating on international shipping fees. You also do not need to worry about the fragile glass bottle nor worry for custom clearance and possibility of tax impose as well.

It was also known that lots of colours is not available from foreign supplier and shown as *out of stock* in their website, hence you may need to buy secondary colours of your interest. Pre-order from blogs might experience delay or shipment damage, which is pretty common for OPI and other nail products. NOW! We offer you to buy in bulk with us and we will offer you wholesale prices and you do not have to wait. Plus we have more colours than what the foreign suppliers are constantly low or none in supplies. You do not need to even wait for a week after payment. 

If you are really interested and can manage a minimum order volume starting from 21 OPI polishes and above, please send enquiry to the email below. You may request for colours not shown on That Beauty Shop website, whether for bulk OPI nail polishes or single OPI nail polish. If bulk is a hassle to you, our price offer for per bottle is definitely worth it for the effort and time to be save, variety of colour choices, get your favourite colours and speedy delivery. We save your headache for OPI nail polish spree purchase.

All wholesale prices are for on-going OPI normal colors. OPI designer series and OPI limited edition shall be higher by $1 or be further advise on the selling price upon your OPI order list sent in.