Essie nail polish Singapore assort of pastel neons glitters and classic colors to choose from.

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  • Essie Classic
    Essie Classic for all your painting and art need.
  • Essie Fall 10
    Essie Fall 2010
  • Essie Fall 11
    Essie Brand New Bags Fall 2011 collection consists of six creamy rich shades reminiscent of autumn with complex colors that are a throwback to the fashions of the 1940’s and 1950’s. Colors Includes - Carry On(magnetic mulberry merlot), Glamour Purse(almond blush), Case Study(rich camel beige),Power Clutch(enigmatic darkest green),Very Structured(creamy burnt sienna),Lady Like(pretty demure pink).
  • Essie Fall 12
  • Essie Fall 13
    Essie Fall 13
  • Essie Fall 16

    There is a reason why the fashion-savvy flock to the number one street style destination in the world: Tokyo. Japan’s electric capital boasts taste, flair and an uncanny aptitude for mixing fashion metaphors. essie's fall 2016 collection captures the city’s wild street style, eclectic cuisine and riot of autumnal colors. The six shade palette of mesmerizing hues channels the changing fall foliage along with the modern and traditional sides of Tokyo’s bustling city.

  • Essie Go Overboard
    Essie Go Overboard of 3 colors - Go Overboard, Play Date,and Armed & Ready
  • Essie Limited EDT
    Essie Limited Edition
  • Essie Lux Effects
    Essie Lux Effects 2011
  • Essie Mini Cubes
    Essie Mini Cubes Set limited edition only manufactured once for launch of per collection. While stock last!
  • Essie Neon 13
    Essie Neon 2013
  • Essie Resort 10
    Essie Resort Summer 2010 collection released in May. Inspired by the vivid colors, sights and sounds of the world's most exotic beach resorts, the collection consists of four bright, playful yet wearable nail colors with a crème finish.
  • Essie Resort 11
    Essie Fair Game Resort 2011
  • Essie Resort 12
    The Sure Shot Resort 2012 season is all about escaping the cold and heating things up – and looking fabulous while doing it. Inspired by glamorous Hollywood legends, this Collection is for the glamour girl in each of us who loves to be the center of attention.
  • Essie Resort 13
  • Essie Spring 10
    Spring 2010
  • Essie Spring 11
    Essie French Affair Spring 2011
  • Essie Spring 12
    Essie Spring 2012 consists of 6 colors - Navigate Her, Orange, It’s Obvious!, Tour De Finance, To Buy Or Not To Buy, Olé Caliente, A Crewed Interest. This collection is inspired by women who dream big, go with their instincts and always manage to put their best self forward. This supremely feminine collection creates the perfect spring wardrobe for every woman on a mission. With skin-flattering brights and power pastels to suit every occasion, she’s always at the top of her game with essie color. For those in the vanguard, blazing a trail of glory to new heights, there’s olé caliente; for a more gentle touch and soft-sell approach, a crewed interest is sure to post serious profits. Whatever your strategy, choose one of six ingenious colors that means business.
  • Essie Spring 13
  • Essie Summer 10
    Essie Summer 2010
  • Essie Summer 11
    Essie’s Braziliant Collection includes six new shades for summer: Too Too Hot (sizzling rich red coral), Meet Me at Sunset (vibrant deep orange), Brazilliant (hot orange with a touch of shimmer), Absolutely Shore (soft sea foam green), Super Bossa Nova (upbeat bright fuchsia), and Smooth Sailing (breezy lavender blue with a reflection of pearl).
  • Essie Summer 12
    Essie Summer 2012 leave you with oohs... and arhs... collection comes with limited edition mini cube for launch!
  • Essie Summer 13
    Essie Summer 13
  • Essie Wedding 10
    Wedding 2010
  • Essie Wedding 11
    Say - I do - to colour! Essie's whimsical and distinctive Wedding Collection for 2011 is guaranteed to delight and inspire modern women around the world. A wedding is the ultimate reflection of the bride - so why hide behind the ordinary? Your dress might be all white, but that doesn't mean you can't wear colour. Your nails are the number one accessory on your wedding day - be bold and express yourself through colour!
  • Essie Wedding 12
    Each shade in the Collection radiates the serene exuberance of a newlywed bride. When the day is done and the honeymoon begins, these colors' playful panache will be all the more appreciated!
  • Essie Wedding 13
    Essie Wedding 13
  • Essie Winter 10
    Essie Winter 10
  • Essie Winter 11
    Essie Cocktail Bling 2011 consist of Size Matters is a dark red cream, Bobbing for Baubles is a rich deep navy, School of Hard Rocks is a muted forest green, Cocktail Bling is a creamy gray with blue undertones, Bangle Jangle a lilac, and Brooch the Subject a mannequin nude.
  • Essie Winter 12
    Essie Winter 2012
  • New Year Eve Metallics
    Essie Dive Bar 2011
  • Essie Winter 13
    Essie Winter 13
  • Essie Winter 16
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Showing 1 - 24 of 119 items