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Pedicure SPA

Pedicure Spa experience by OPI from soak, soften, scrub, mask and massage leave you pamper to the clouds!

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  • Mask
    Protect, repair, infuse, revitalize, rejuvenate and sooth your hardworking feets to baby soft care that they deserve to be pampered.
  • Massage/ Smooth
    Massage and Smooth with OPI fine selection of pedi lotion and cream of different moisturising texture and select a non-greasey one for a light slip to go out of doors maintenance.
  • Scrub
    Scrub away to eliminate dry, rough dead skin with natural sugar or sea salt crystal with botanical infusion to your likings and needs.
  • Soak
    Soak to soften, sooth, invigorate or infuse anti-oxidant for your precious hands and feets from OPI collection
  • Soften
    Non-abrasive Alpha Hydroxy Acid, green tea extract, OPI's Avocado Lipid Complex gently soften calluse in preparation for exfoliation.
Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items
Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items