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All products from are checked before dispatch. We do not open up your items so do not worry. Whilst we use our best efforts to ensure that the product is delivered to you in a perfect condition, the product may be damaged in the delivery process although they are pack properly to minimise the possibility. Should this happen, you may contact us for appropriate measure to resolve the issue.

No cancellation, exchange or refund is allowed once the order is being delivered, confirmed, submitted or paid by the customer. Exchange offer allow only due to a damaged, defective, or incorrect product was being delivered by We will arrange to collect the damaged, defective or incorrect product and re-send the ordered product in the same form of shipping method originally used for purchase without extra delivery charge. Only in case the product was sold out, we'll refund the value of product in the same form of payment originally used for purchase.

What to do when you receive a damage in transit item?

Take a picture of the damage item and send us via email to for return and exchange assistance.

Items damaged and is requested to be returned to us is only to be return via registered mail with tracking number provided. Lost items that does not reach us will not be compensated. Registered mail will be paid by us via ibanking or deduction of your next purchase.

Feedback welcome

However, we encourage you to tell us if you feel unhappy about our products and services, so we can make it better for you and we might even reward you for constructive comments to improve our services or products. Hear from you girls! ^.^