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DIY easy with these manicure pampering goodies! Try hand soak while you are watch TV.

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  • Foot Treatments

    Footlogix Treatments is an innovative product line designed to provide effective care for a variety of skin conditions affecting the foot - from simple dryness to more severe conditions resulting from Diabetes. The brilliance behind DIT ™ technology: • It maintains the integrity of the “active” ingredient(s) and ensures optimum biological affect to the skin • It is a patented trans-dermal technology with European roots and North American innovation • This Mousse allows for bacteria-free dispensing which aids in protecting damaged skin against infections • This Mousse forms a safe protective barrier just beneath the skin’s surface and with no greasy outer layer, the skin retains its ability to transpire normally.

  • Pedicure SPA

    Pedicure Spa experience by OPI from soak, soften, scrub, mask and massage leave you pamper to the clouds!

  • Manicure SPA
    Whitens nails, revitalizes cuticles and skin, conditions the cuticles and replenishes moisture. Use within a manicure or pedicure to sanitize and whiten the nails. Removes germs and dirt from beneath the nails. Moisturises and softens the skin around the nails
  • Hand Creme/ Lotion
    Keep the tell-tale age signs away and retain the youth on your hands with these daily care goodness.
  • Hand Mask
    Let your hands stay as youthful as your face!
  • Foot File

    Foot File maintain health heels, lessen the pain of dry crack heels due to dead cells build up and enhance absorbtion of the moisturiser used.

  • Cuticle Care
    Keep dry cuticles away with these easy to hydrate special oil for the dry or peeling fingertips.
Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items
Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items