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Gelish Maintenance

1. Sanitize both the nails and hands.

2. Push back the cuticle and clean the surrounding nail plate.

3. Using a 180 GRIT HAND & NAIL HARMONY FILE, lightly file over the entire nail to remove the shine and blend the Gelish to the natural nail.

4. On the natural nail gently buff using the HAND & NAIL HARMONY 100/180 GRIT. Be sure not to angle your buffer so that you do not create any damage to the natural nail.

5. Remove the dust and wipe the nail with Hand & Nail Harmony Cleanser using a lint free wipe.

6. Apply Hand & Nail Harmony PH Bond to the nail plate.

7. Apply GELISH FOUNDATION GEL over the entire surface of the nail, be sure to seal the edges.

8. Place hand in LED Light for 10 seconds or UV Light for 1 minute.
NOTE: if you have applied GELISH STRUCTURE GEL to the nail, please apply at this time.

9. Apply GELISH SOAK OFF GEL POLISH of choice over the entire nail surface.

10. Place hand in the LED 9G Light for 30 seconds (20 seconds for light colors) or an UV Light for 2 minutes (1 minute for lighter colors).

11. For darker coverage, repeat Step 10 & 11.

12. Apply GELISH TOP IT OFF GEL SEALER from cuticle to free edge using a thin light application.

13. Place hand in LED Light for 20 seconds or UV Light for 2 minutes.

14. Wipe off the tacky service with HAND & NAIL HARMONY CLEANSER.

15. Apply HAND & NAIL HARMONY NOURISH cuticle oil to the skin surrounding the nail.