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Hi Girls, I am glad the NEWS on - The Newspaper 16th Aug 2010,  brought up this topic on "Fake OPI" because I ran into suppliers selling below $12 in forums/blog etc or even at a dollar each for minimum purchase of 100 bottles of fake OPI which was known that they mark up to about 4 dollar for 100 bottles now. I have check their colour chart and their colour do not match and they do not do any meet up as well when I request to meet and check their goods. Lastly, OPI rarely have glittery polishes in big chunks except 2 colours from "Alice in the wonderland" limited edition. Beware for OPI BELOW wholesale prices of $12 as any lower the seller will be put out of business very soon or continue to stay in business with fake products due to lower cost.  

Yes, Alexis is Singapore OPI only authorise distributor which they are paying for their "authorise selling license in Singapore" and you can see them selling at $23 in metro and about $20 in Salon, not to mention that most salon only have a limited range of colours and they mainly use it for services instead of selling it which limits your choices. You need to have a retail shop address to get the OPI from them and they are selling at $12 to all salons that bought from them which come with the luxurious unique kind "paint" sticker to verify their products in case of exchange or complaint cases. Other OPI in other country do not come with the seals because the unique Alexis seal is create for the Singapore Market.

WE (TBS) OPI are all imported from other countries @ parallel import prices to pass on the savings to you.

(References - current on-going nail polishes from 2006 onwards REAL Green Labels) 

OUR every bottle of our OPI are all real with below reasons that

i) Our name, codes and colours matches any authentic OPI colour chart

ii) The double layer sticker at the bottom of each OPI is the same as the newspaper picture on the right with the same colour ink, thickness of the fonts as well as the thickness of the barcodes.

iii) The inner of the caps is same as the real OPI with Jagged "Teeth-like" design which real OPI should be.

iv) All our OPI came with the faint serial number from manufacturing site.

v) Colours last and last with no pungent smell like those cheap fake OPI.

vi) The length & shape of the patent OPI polishes brush you use to paint is the real long, rectangle shape bristle to minimise bubbles.

(Reference for REAL BLACK / HTF "Hard To Find" Labels and packaging upgrade) 

Please view the links below posted by bloggers and google to find out more on 'Hard to Find'/ discontinued polish colors and Black Label.

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Highlights from OPI FACEBOOK

Every company product will change over years and also due to per country product packaging requirements, with old products circulating in the market in demand as well.

Enjoy reading the article as attached. Have a great and happy day ahead!


Amber TBS

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